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Dynatek ignition coils are high tech, top quality coils, designed for maximum performance. They produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. Dynatek coils are available in a wide variety of resistances and output configurations to allow easy replacement of stock coils. Dynatek coils work with factory electronic ignitions, points, and aftermarket ignitions. Choose from four body styles and five different primary resistance ranges to match your ignition needs. Advanced magnetic core technology of the Dynatek Mini Series Coils delivers high output in one of the smallest packages available. Great for customs where coils need to be hidden.

Dyna Ignition Coils are available in a wide range of primary resistances to match the requirements of most ignition systems. Before selecting a coil, check the coil primary resistance requirements as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used. For breaker points ignitions use 5.0 ohm coils or 3.0 ohm coils with a 1 to 2 ohm ballast resistor in series with the +12 volt supply wire to the coil. Dynatek cannot be responsible for ignition or coil problems that result from using a coil of incorrect primary resistance with a particular ignition system.


Part Number Outputs # Primary Resistance Secondary Resistance Colour # Pkg
DC1-2 2 3.0 ohms 11,500 ohms Black 2
DC3-2 1 3.0 ohms 11,500 ohms Black 2
DC4-1 2 2.2 ohms 14,000 ohms Grey 2