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Dyna 2000TC

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Dynatek's TC88 Digital Performance Ignition signals a new era in Twin Cam ignition power and capability. The TC88 enhances the power of the Single Fire ignition by allowing selection between 16 programmable advance curves, covering the entire range of engine modifications. From stock to insanely modified engines, the TC88 provides the widest range and highest level of advance curve functionality for Twin Cam available in today's market. There are also eight different rev limiter settings from 5750-7250 rpm. All TC88 functions have full digital accuracy to insure maximum performance with unparalleled quality.


  • Single fire, fully programmed performance ignition 16 programmable advance curves, in 3 groups
    • Stock to slightly modified motors
    • Heavily modified motors
    • Insanely modified motors
  • 8 Rev. Limiter settings, (5750-7250) in 250 rpm steps
  • Coil compatibility from stock to performance (less than 1 ohm resistance)
  • Coil current constantly monitored to provide constant full spark energy
  • Ten different advance curves
  • All stock sensors used
  • Stock oe mounting
  • Stock oe connectors
  • Reverse battery and spike protection built in


DYNA Ignition Module For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam

Twin Cam Ignition Module 1999-2003 - Part Number: TC88-2P

Twin Cam Ignition Module 2004-2006 - Part Number: TC88-3

Sportster Ignition Module 2004-2006 - Part Number: DSPT-1

Programming Kits & Harness For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam

Programming Kit TC88-2P​​​​​​​ - Part Number: DIPK-4​​​​​​​

Brand New 0.5 ohms Miniature Coils For Harley-Davidson Twin Cam:

Part Number No. of Outputs Primary Resistance Secondary Resistance Colour Quantity
DC6-6 2 0.5 ohms Twin Cam Replacement carbueted only
DC11-1 2 0.5 ohms 11,800 ohms Black 2
DC11-2 2 0.5 ohms 11,800 ohms Black 1
DC12-1 1 0.5 ohms 11,800 ohms Black 2
DC12-2 1 0.5 ohms 11,800 ohms Black 1