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Dyna Wires

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Dyna Wires are made from high grade automotive, silicon jacketed, high tension cable. All wires are supplied with finished spark plug boot ends and loose coil terminals to allow the final length to be determined by the user. Wires are available with a solid copper core for use on older vehicles where electrical interference is not an issue.

For use on new vehicles with electronic advance ignitions or other sensitive electronic equipment, use DYNA suppression wires with a high grade graphite core for best performance and electrical noise suppression. Both wire types ensure maximum energy transfer.

7 Way Crimping (Spark Plug Wire Crimp) Tool

Incorporates wire butter, terminal crimper and wire stripper into one handy tool.

Product Features

  • Black anodized finish with insulated hand grips
  • Crimp slot on end of tool secures most ignition terminals including "W" type, right angle and "High Tower" terminals
  • Crimps 7mm to 8.5mm ignition wire
  • Works with 10 to 22 guage solderless terminals
  • WARNING: Disconnect power source before using this tool
Part No. Diameter Core Type Length Qty Boot Angle  Colour
DW-200 7mm Copper 4' 2 Slight angle Black
DW-300 7mm Copper 4' 2 Slight angle Red
DW-600 7mm Suppression 4' 2 Slight angle Black
DW-800 8mm Suppression 4' 2 Straight Grey
DW-1100 7mm Suppression 4'  1 90 degree boot Black
DW-1200 8mm Suppression 4'  1 90 degree boot Grey